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Weaver's Study Group

This is a “problem solving” group.

Weavers of all skill levels are welcome. The group encourages each other to try new structures and techniques that might out of our normal comfort zone, do some problem solving, and stretch our knowledge and skill levels. 


The Weavers Study Group meets monthly on the second Thursday of every month, from 10 a.m. to noon,

in the Northminster Presbyterian Church

Social Hall

3235 Pope Avenue, Sacramento, 95821.  


Bring any information, samples, problems, or successes. 

For more information, contact Langdon Faust at

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Facebook Weaving Group

We have two groups one for 4 shaft weavers and one for portable looms. These weaving groups are intended for members who are learning to weave or are experienced weavers desiring to share their experience weaving.

You can join these groups at the SWSG Facebook page.


If you have questions contact Renee Laffey or Vonnie Galusha

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