Currently transitioning from  Zoom to In-person  and/or hybride presentations

Please check each event to see if it is in person or via zoom.

Educational programs take place during Guild Meetings,
which are held at the Shepard Garden and Art Center, 3330 McKinley Blvd, Sacramento, CA,
10:00 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month, September through May, except December.

Margary Erickson.jpg

March 22, 2022

10:00 a.m.-Noon

Speaker: Margery Erickson (zoom)

Topic: Painted Warps

Margery Erickson will be our guest speaker for the morning meeting. We will use the Guild meeting Zoom Link for both the meeting and the workshop.

Margery Erickson is a master artisan and a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. She specializes in hand dyed warps, wearable art and home décor and sells through an Etsy store. She will give the Guild a presentation on creating one-of-a-kind warps using fiber reactive dyes and explain how colors inspire her in dyeing her warps.


Stephanie Gaustead.jpeg

April 26, 2022

Speaker : Stephenie Gaustad
Hybrid meeting: In-person at 
Shepherds Garden Arts Center. Also being transmitted via zoom

Topic: Finishing Cloth

All about fulling, scouring, beetling, crabbing, London Finishing w/ examples of before and after finishing of fabric samples and discussion. Further discussion of non-wool fabrics, like hemp, linen and cotton. Followed by Q & A of members woven cloth.

May lunch.jpg

May 24, 2022

Bring Your Own Picnic, Hall of Fame Award, Place Setting Contest,
Stash/Equipment Sale and Fashion Show

Hybrid meeting: In-person at Shepherds Garden Arts Center. Also being transmitted via zoom In keeping with ongoing concerns regarding Covid we will not have a potluck lunch.
Instead, BYOP (bring your own picnic) lunch and join the picnic place setting contest.
The categories are:
Exotic ~ Repurposed ~ Artistic ~ Elegant
Judging and awards will be given for the best picnic place setting.

As always bring anything you’d like to wear in the fashion show or display for others to see.
Our Hall of Fame Winners will be announced
The members “Stash Sale” will happen in the back room. Bring your items and set-up to sell two years worth of built-up stash/equipment.

Stephanie Gaustead.jpeg

September 27, 2022

Speaker : Stephenie Gaustad
Hybrid meeting: In-person at 
Shepherds Garden Arts Center. Also being transmitted via zoom

Topic: Everything About Hemp

Sharlet Elms.jpeg

October 26, 2022

Speaker : Sharlet Elms

Topic: History of Textiles

Sharlet Elms is by profession a Public Health Microbiologist and is retired from Placer County but continues to work part time as an instructor in the California Dept. of Public Health Microbiologist program. Her passion is weaving, and she teaches beginning and intermediate weaving to private students as well as teaching Rigid Heddle Weaving classes at Rumpelstiltskin’s in Sacramento. Sharlet started and mentors a weaving study group for the Hangtown Fibers Guild in Placerville and has lectured and taught fiber related workshops for the Sacramento and the Hangtown guilds.