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January 29, 2020

Speaker: Sara Lamb

Topic: Painted Yarn Workshop

Sharlet Elms will present a one day workshop. Do you enjoy braiding but can’t really think of what to do with them? Do you admire others’ braids but really don’t want to start another craft that you don’t know what to do with? Are you looking for a fun, easy project to take with you? Kumihimo on a disc may bejust the thing! Come take the workshop and learn to braid on both a round and square disc. Learn to read a pattern, see various things you can do with the braids, and no braiding experience is necessary! Sharlet will also bring both a maurudai stand and takada for demonstration.



March 25, 2020

Speaker: Annie MacHale

Topic: Baltic Pickup on the Inkle Loom

Baltic-style pickup is a simple technique to learn but has vast possibilities for creating exciting patterns on a woven band. We will look at examples to learn the many variations which are possible using the Baltic-style pickup technique, explore simple pickup patterns as well as pick and drop patterns, learn to read and create charts for the designs. Using the designs, students will set up their looms and weave a sampler of patterns. Note: This workshop is not for absolute beginners. If you took the mini workshop “Getting Started on the Inkle Loom.” in November 2019, you should be able to take this workshop.